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Ebooks were supposed to be indestructible. Where you had disk-space, you had literature – in perpetuity. Which is bad news for publishers now deprived of that extra round of sales revenue engendered by books being dropped in baths.

HarperCollins has got wise to this: it has announced that US libraries will be allowed to lend ebooks only up to 26 times. Its sales president, Josh Marwell, believes that’s only fair: 26, he claims, is the average number of loans a print book would survive before having to be replaced. HarperCollins UK won’t rule out applying this ebook strategy to British libraries - and should it do so, it can expect a frustrated reaction. “Clearly, printed books last a lot longer than 26 loans,” says Philip Bradley, vice-president of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

This is the dumbest shit I have ever read. (I work for Collins — the British half of HarperCollins — incidentally, and this is far from the dumbest shit they are guilty of.)



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    Holy moly. This makes as much sense as- limiting a car to the top speed of a horse-cart- making sure the car literally...
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  4. inky said: I’m not going to read this article until the morning. It’s only fair – that’s when it would have come out in print.
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    this is ridiculous, particularly as the library-ebook reading fanatic i’ve become over the past 3 months. and also, as...
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    This is yet another reason why I am hesitant to pick up an ereader.
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